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Our current Seminars

Lean4Team Basic
The fast and easy entry into Lean4Team.....
Lean4Team Advanced
Know the special features of Lean4Team.....
Lean4Team Administrator
Administration, even for no IT specialists.....
Lean4Team Last Planner
Plan and implement complex projects.....
Lean4Team BIM
Two methodologies, one strategy .....
Lean4Team Train and Test
Train, test and buy .....
Lean Design Basic
Background to Lean Construction and.....
Lean Design Advanced
Change the planning processes, project.....

"Lean Construction is a continuous process for eliminating waste, reaching or surpassing all customer expectations, focusing on the entire value stream and striving for perfection during the creation of a construction project. Lean Construction considers the entire life cycle of a building from planning to construction and use to reclassification and dismantling. BIM Building Information Modeling is a methodology and process for describing and directing digital data flows. Lean Construction is the methodology to guide and direct teams and team members. Lean4Team is the ideal digital tool for controlling and steering the teams. In our online seminars, we will show you how: Effectivly – Sustainable - Lean"

Our Online Trainers

Ulf-Günter Krause
Business consultant, author, blogger for BIM and Lean Construction
German and English
Tobias Guller
Lean Ingenieure
Organizational Consultant for Lean Management in Construction
German and English
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Your Name
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You are welcome! Please contact us.

"Online seminars are lean. There are no travel expenses. You sit down at your computer and attend the seminar. At most online seminars, you are in the role of the viewer. The lecturer shows you a PowerPoint or presents you the operation of a software. So, you are used to it. In our online seminars, however, we go a step further. It is not enough for us. We are better. You actively participate in the event. We work together on a database, on a project or on a board. This makes the training experience unique!"

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